Operating a delivery-service fleet

Operating a delivery-service fleet is an increasingly popular and profitable business venture. With the modern shift to online shopping, ‘last-mile’ delivery services are in big demand, so there’s never been a better opportunity to grow your own successful logistics company.

Amazon promises its customers next-day delivery at a click. But that slick service depends on logistics partners who can really deliver the goods.

Becoming an Amazon Delivery Partner has some great advantages: low start-up costs, consistent trade, and access to business support from Amazon. But, just how do logistics companies, like Amazon Delivery Service Partners, increase their efficiency and maximize profit?


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The business impacts of digital transformation are far reaching. The elimination of paper, connection of workers to workers, workers and machines, standardization of processes and collection and visibility to new data can all drive significant impacts to the top and bottom lines.

Well known analysts and consulting firms, such as McKinsey, cite observed improvements in their research including:

cost of quality improvements
throughput increases
labor productivity increases
30-50% reduction in machine downtime
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