Inspect, Maintain, Operate
More Accurately Easier Faster

Replace paper with the next-generation visual inspection platform that shows workers exactly what to do, when they need to do it, keeping equipment operating and production quality high.

A Uniquely Visual, Digital Platform For Today’s Frontline Workforce

Paper checklists are slowing down production, quality control and equipment maintenance. ROO.AI replaces paper by combining a breakthrough visual interface with guided work instruction and Bots on standard mobile devices to increase frontline productivity and accuracy while helping companies onboard faster and upskill their workforce. Improve inspection processes, simplify process audits, speed up production lines and ensure preventive maintenance. ROO.AI bridges the skills gap and drives continuous improvement in industries like Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation and more.

Cut inspection times by up to 70% and automate data collection providing instant visibility to defects for quality checks and process audits.
Boost production by delivering easy, usable visual work instruction with micro-training to ensure procedural adherence and quality standards.
Digitalize preventive and inspect to fix processes for equipment and field maintenance to improve uptime and ensure first time fix.

Visual User Interface

Engage workers with a user experience for work instruction, quality inspections and maintenance that is purpose-designed to be intuitive, easy, simple and mobile-native. Use visuals and touch controls to save time and increase accuracy.

Digital Workflow

Fits your exact setup, preventive maintenance and inspect to fix process with end-to-end capabilities including asset management, inspection tasks, service reminders, issue management, maintenance calendars, work orders and analytics dashboard.

Guide Workers with
RooBOT Automations

Enforce SOPs, embed safety checks, personalize micro-training and automate inspections with next-generation work instructions leveraging smart RooBOT automations to deliver information and guidance where, how and when workers need it.

ROO.AI Business Advantages
Like Having a GPS for Frontline Work

more quickly

Deliver clear instruction, in context and at the point of need.


In-process guidance based on worker experience, actions or data collected.


Leverage Logic, Bots and AI to dynamically assemble workflows, chain jobs and manage data.


Simplify team communication, enable remote assistance. Collect and share feedback.

Let data
drive action

Embed direct or automated data collection into any process and drive visibility and decision making.

your workforce

Arm workers with intuitive mobile tools that encourage contribution to continuous improvement.

Transform Your Workforce. Transform Your Business

Inspection Time


Ramp Up Time


Optimized Experience

Uniquely Frontline optimized, ROO.AI’s visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online/offline operation requires zero training.

Assisted Automation

Сutting-edge automation and BOTS, simplify frontline processes with guided instruction, input-driven workflows, and embedded micro-training.


Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business with no need for IT. Spend less time learning new software and more time inspecting assets and resolving issues.