The Next-Generation
Of Work Instruction Software

Transform Any Visual
Into a Digital Workflow

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    Maximize Your Frontline's Potential with Visual Workflows

    Outdated paper-based training and SOPs are chipping away at your bottom line. ROO.AI’s visual workflows solve that. Using ROO.AI you can:

    Enjoy lightning fast
    onboarding and upskilling

    Leverage step by step workflow visualizations to rapidly onboard new talent or upskill your current team.

    Increase your output without
    decreasing your standards

    Focus your team on maximizing their output while ROO.AI our AI focuses guides them through completing the work to your highest standard.

    Gain 360-degree
    operational visibility

    View all data from your operation in one convenient location, giving you unparalleled insights into your processes and enabling you to optimize based on real-time data.

    How ROO.AI Works


    Publish Your

    Publish or update visual workflows, including video, audio, and voice g, and automatically distribute work instruction software to your team's mobile devices.

    Critical Data

    Gather critical data from workers and equipment using intuitive inputs including voice, images, video, IoT, directed scans, NFC, and Bluetooth, and turn it into actionable steps directly inside a set of work instructions.

    Improve Your Process

    Allow your workers to collaborate or access remote assistance during any step of the work instruction and use the feedback gained to optimize the process.

    Turn Problems Into
    Immediate Actions

    Reduce downtime by allowing workers to report problems and request help, use existing instructions to solve them on the spot, or immediately create and assign corrective tasks complete with detailed visual guidance within the workflows.

    Easy-to-use Intuitive Mobile Interface

    and easy to use
    Instantly access a visual workflow via a quick scan or simple voice command, regardless of if your device is online or offline.
    Streamlined safety
    Simplify OSHA and ISO standard compliance with safety instructions and notices embedded directly into your work instructions. Easily share safety documentation with auditors.
    Intuitive instruction
    and guidance
    Visual instructions remove confusion and show your frontline workers exactly what to do and how to do it, helping them learn faster and adhere to your standards.
    Critical data collection
    and integration
    Effortlessly collect critical data about your workers and equipment and seamlessly integrate it across your systems. Use our operational dashboards to review your data and make key decisions.
    Tailored digital workflows
    We build you unique digital work instructions tailored to your exact environment and equipment that are dynamically tuned to workers needs from the actions they take and the data gathered from your equipment.
    Collaboration and assistance
    Our in-app collaborative messaging and assistance requests allow workers to instantly receive access to help from colleagues or review embedded micro-trainings to help solve complex problems on the spot.

    Why Choose ROO.AI
    for your Work Instruction Software?


    Designed for zero training, easy use with step by step visual workflows, tap-and-go inputs, voice commands, and online or offline operation.

    Smart Automation
    and BOTS

    Upskill your team and increase their productivity while saving time with personalized instruction, input-driven workflows, and BOTS that actively assist workers while processing and routing data.


    Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time for running the business, not learning work instruction software.