Inspection Software Just Got Easier

Discover how ROO.AI's unique visual inspections increase productivity and accuracy across all skill levels.

Your Frontline Digital Helper

Tired of a slow, error prone paper-based inspection process that frustrates your team and takes too much time? Unlock a smarter way with the ROO.AI mobile inspection app. Our easy, visual inspection software enables you to:

Shorten inspection times,
boost productivity

With an intuitive, visual interface, single tap controls and voice commands, ROO.AI shortens inspection time regardless of complexity.

Standardize processes
and reduce errors

Leverage data-driven workflows and guided assistance to ensure process standards and collect the exact data you need.

Take immediate
corrective action

Turn instant issue visibility into immediate response with automated alerts and reports after every inspection.

The ROO.AI Solution

Easy, visual mobile inspections

Replace outdated, paper-based inspection processes with visual guidance that increases accuracy and saves time.

Guided assistance, smart data capture

Boost operator efficiency by simplifying data collection, meter readings, and more using AI-directed workflows, embedded instructions, and tools.

Instant visibility into operations

Operational dashboards are constantly updated and customized reporting delivers key insights, while alerts and notifications keep you informed when you’re on the move.

How it Works


Create Any
Inspection Workflow

Develop custom inspections that incorporate checks, diagnostic questions, data collection, and other asset-specific requirements to provide your team with a guided, visual inspection process.

Capture Data

Leverage text, voice, IoT, scans, visual measurement, images, video, and sign-offs to quickly and efficiently capture inspection data without wasting time or slowing down the inspection process.

Enable Quick
Corrective Actions

Switching to digital inspections from paper gives your team the ability to send alerts and take corrective action on the spot. Instantly report issues, request assistance, or create and assign tasks.

Data Enable
Your Operation

Don’t make workers search for information. Only ROO.AI loads prior inspections data right into the workflow in use. Prior reports are also available on mobile and the dashboard for easy access and auditability.

Mobile Inspections, Right at Your Fingertips

Easy, Visual Mobile
Intuitive visual UI, quick scanning, and mobile-native data capture of images, voice, and video are just a tap away.
Collaboration Tools
Quickly generate and share tasks. Provide comments, images, video background, give feedback and access to remote assistance.
and Info On-Demand
Give workers on-the-spot access to embedded instruction, standardized data collection, and prior issue history.
Capture Critical
Operational Data
Quickly and efficiently collect specified data, capture signoffs, and feed dashboards and integrations to other systems.
Digital Workflows
Guide front-line operators quickly through a process with Smart dynamic workflows based on actions taken, data collected, and more.
Ensure Regulatory
ROO.AI makes standard compliance and auditing easier with instant visibility into specific OSHA and ISO documentation.


Optimized Experience

Frontline optimized, ROO.AI’s visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online/offline operation requires zero training.

Assisted Automation

Powered by cutting-edge automation and BOTS, ROO.AI simplifies inspections with guided instruction, input-driven workflows, and embedded micro-training.

to YOU

Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business with no need for IT. Spend less time learning new software and more time inspecting assets and resolving issues.