Visual SOPs that Workers Can Actually Use

Make it easier and faster for frontline workers to understand and adhere to standard operating procedures (SOP)
See a breakthrough approach that
can increase productivity over 40%

    Boost Frontline Productivity And Quality Together

    Relying on paper-based SOPs that are hard to access and often out-dated negatively affects productivity and quality, especially when so many experienced workers are retiring and new workers lack the required skills. With ROO.AI you'll get:

    Faster Onboarding

    Allow team members to access SOPs quickly via smartphone or tablet. And put SOPs into their hands right at the time and situation they are needed. Instant availability means employees don’t have to struggle to find instruction and learn more quickly.

    No More Stale SOPs

    Ensure that SOPs are always accurate and up to date. Easily incorporate feedback from your frontline workforce, and enable team members to share messages and collaborate to improve work processes.

    Understand and Improve

    Instant access to workforce actions, issues and time spent at every step of the process empowers the team to drive continuous improvements that will increase productivity and quality.

    The ROO.AI Solution

    Visual guidance

    Help your operators handle difficult tasks by adding rich media (images, videos, voice) to make instructions more effective.

    Smart assistance

    Deliver personalized instruction and guidance based on operator experience and the inputs from the actual work performed.

    Instant information

    Connect workers to helpful information, and gain real-time visibility to issues and critical operational data.

    How it Works


    Create SOP

    Publish accessible, always up-to-date instructions for any workflow with rich media and embedded training to ensure standard procedures are followed quickly and accurately.

    Drive Productivity
    And Quality

    Publish accessible, always up-to-date standard procedures for any job with rich media and embedded training to ensure processes are followed quickly and accurately.


    Gather essential information from workers and equipment directly within your operating procedure. Leverage text, voice, IoT, scans, visual measurement, images, video and sign-offs.


    Integrate a feedback loop to capture and share process knowledge from your experts on the front line.

    Easy-to-use Intuitive Mobile Interface

    Up To Date
    Easily publish changes and updates Ensure standards are followed. Promote job flexibility.
    Easily Accessible
    on Mobile Devices
    Online or offline use. Intuitive visual UI. Available if or when needed.
    Guide and assist with rich media - image, audio, video. Personalized training content and access. Up to date constantly.
    Digital Workflows
    Customize to your exact process. Drive process steps based on actions or collected data. Task creation during the process for self or others.
    Operational Data
    Collect specified data. Capture signoffs. Feed Dashboards and integrations to systems.
    Make it easier to do it right. Ensure standardized procedures are understood. Get visibility to compliance and issues.

    Why ROO.AI


    Designed for zero training, easy use with fully visual workflows, tap and go inputs, voice commands and online or offline operation.

    Smart Automation
    and BOTS

    Boost skills and productivity with personalized instruction, input-driven workflows and BOTS that actively assist workers while processing and routing data.


    Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time to run the business, not learn the software.