Easier, Paperless Maintenance Inspections

Unique, visual inspections and easy digital workflows increase consistency and save time, simplifying defect detection and speeding up response and time to fix.

See a breakthrough approach to visually enable inspections, faster response and better OEE

    Eliminate paper with a mobile and cloud platform to make equipment inspections and issue reporting easier, faster and more intuitive for frontline workers.
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    Shorten inspection times
    and drive standards

    With an intuitive, visual interface, single-tap controls and voice commands, ROO.AI shortens inspection time while ensuring consistency and accuracy.

    Take immediate
    corrective action

    Turn instant issue visibility into immediate response with automated alerts, tasks, work assignments and shareable reports.

    Simplify preventative

    Ensure PM programs are consistently followed with automated reminders, task assignment and easy, intuitive visual instruction.

    How it Works


    Create Any
    Inspection Workflow

    Develop custom inspections for equipment checks, diagnostic questions, data collection, and other product or asset-specific requirements. Provide your team with a guided, visual inspection process.

    Capture Data

    Leverage text, voice, IoT, scans, visual measurement, images, video, and defined inputs. Quickly and efficiently capture the inspection data needed to ensure first time fix.

    Rapid Response

    Automate alerts to individuals, teams and roles to enable quick corrective actions. Empower workers to request assistance, collaborate with team members, and capture and share knowledge.

    Data Enable
    Your Operation

    Don’t make workers search for information. ROO.AI loads prior data into the inspections to save time and ensure accuracy. Automatically capture inspection data, location, elapsed time and rich media data on equipment issues.

    Cut The Paper That’s Hurting Your Maintenance Program

    Easy, Visual Mobile
    Intuitive visual UI, quick scanning,
    and mobile-native data capture of images, voice, and video are just a tap away.
    Action-Oriented Collaboration Tools
    Empower your team to quickly and easily report issues, generate and share tasks and instructions. Provide comments, images, and video background. And access remote assistance.
    and Info On-Demand
    Give workers on-the-spot access to embedded instruction, standardized data collection, and prior issue history
    Capture Critical
    Operational Data
    Quickly and efficiently collect specified data, scan or receive readings. Add audio and visuals to feed dashboards and integrations to other systems.
    Digital Workflows
    Guide operators and inspectors quickly through a visual process of your exact assets and products with smart automation based on actions and, data.
    Enable Preventative
    ROO.AI makes it easy to design asset specific maintenance programs, assign tasks and set reminders for team members to ensure improved OEE

    Why ROO.AI

    Optimized Experience

    Frontline optimized,’s visual workflows, tap-and-go inputs, voice commands and online/offline operation requires zero training.

    Assisted Automation

    Powered by cutting-edge automation and BOTS, simplifies inspections with guided instruction, input-driven workflows, and embedded micro-training.

    to YOU

    Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business with no need for IT. Spend less time learning new software and more time inspecting assets and resolving issues.