Barnes Harley-Davidson Case Study

Barnes Harley-Davidson is Canada’s largest Harley-Davidson dealership with 5 locations across the country. They set the mark for sales of both new and used motorcycles across the country. And that success is no accident. From top to bottom, Barnes Harley-Davidson is using data and digitalization to drive sales growth and streamline operations.

Barnes Harley-Davidson is a 100% data-driven company. They have digitalized every part of their business. There are no paper processes left in the company. Vehicle dealerships are somewhat dated as an industry, but Barnes Harley-Davidson decided to put modern data-driven processes at the core of every decision. This has led them to eschew most traditional outreach to customers, like newspaper ads and sales events, and drive more and deeper engagement with customers through the internet. That approach is working for both customers and the company.


Beat the Auto Shop Rush Hour

Mobile payments streamline approvals and transactions for a better workflow and customer experience

Most repair shops request that their customers drop cars off at 8:00 a.m. and promise to have them ready by 5:00 p.m. for pick-up.   From the customer’s perspective, dropping off and picking up their vehicle from the shop at these times can be logistically challenging, especially if they are responsible for taking their children to school, or if the auto repair shop is not located close to their own workplace.  If they are able to arrive at 5:00 p.m. to pick their vehicle up, customers often have to wait in line to pay for the service, because everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. The service manager or shop owner experiences a rush hour in the office at the end of the